500g Chicken thigh fillets

x1 Onion or Leak chopped small

x3 Potatoes cut into bite size

¾ Sweet Potato cut into bite size

x2 Celery stalks sliced

x2 Carrots sliced

x8 Green Beans cut into small pieces (if you like)

Peas (optional) handful

Fresh Thyme (around 8 small stems)

Chicken or Veg stock 1lt

Rissoni pasta handful

Salt and Pepper


Cup of water if needed



In a large pot (or I like to use a pan with high sides) pour oil in and let it slightly heat. Put in Onion/leak, celery, carrots, thyme, sweet potato and peas or beans if using (although I don’t think they were necessary in this soup, I just threw them in to experiment) and let them cook, kind of like it is not quite frying but sweating them to be soft. You can put lid on if you think at this stage to help it sweat and soften.

When you are happy with the veggies and the thyme are soft and smell pretty good, pour in the stock and bring to boil. If you feel your liquid stock is too strong, you can add in some water to dilute it, I sometimes do this depending on the brand I use.

Now that the liquid is boiling, put in your chicken thigh fillets, turn the heat down and let the chicken cook. When you see the chicken is half cooked, put in the potatoes and rissoni.

I let it cook slowly and let all the flavours come together and taste it every now and then until I am happy.

Salt and Pepper to desired amount and then take the chicken pieces out and cut them up into small pieces and put them back into the pot.

Tip- serve it to the kids with a straw and a fork so they can drink the liquid and eat the veg and chicken with a fork.