April 23, 2018

Week 23

Well-ity, well-ity, well-ity! We have ourselves a tooth my friends! This explains a lot, a whole lot and just when I thought he wasn’t actually teething (I thought it was just his saliva glands making him drool like me when I walk into a Chanel store) he cuts the tip of his first tooth. It is the bottom left tooth and I can feel the roughness of the top of the little sucker when I run my finger over it. To get him through the teething pain, I have been giving him bonjella and panadol at night time.

Freddies day sleeps have still been great but night time? Oh, boy! It has been terrible, so terrible, that one night I had three hours sleep and the following day I was very grouchy. I was so grouchy and emotional, me, the non-crier cried. I cried to just let it all out. I was in my car and the day didn’t go as planned and the tears just came. Rest assured, I drove straight to a cafe for a skinny latte with half a sugar and yes, that fixed it.

I have been giving Freddie a 3am-ish-not-sure-what-time bottle and he sometimes drinks it all, sometime doesn’t settle and sometimes does. He sleeps with both arms out now and cuddles his two sleep toys, which has made this transition not as bad as I thought it would be. Plus, he had his first night out of his bassinet on Saturday night, but because he is still congested, he ended up back in his bassinet and eventually in bed with me. He has day sleeps in his cot.

I have concluded that we need to investigate his congestion. Do you remember at around 11/12 weeks I slept him in his bouncer to help him breathe better? Thats how long it has been and I have been juggling so much that I haven’t really put two and two together and realised that, I actually think, he is allergic to formula/milk protein or something. This started to happened when I weaned him and yet again, I regret the day I didn’t try harder to get him to feed from me. It is called mothers guilt for those new to this game. I cant stop thinking that I didn’t try hard enough to get him to latch when he was refusing, I also am regretting offering him formula top ups (even though my other two thrived on it).

I booked in with a paediatrician for Thursday and my gut feeling is they will tell me its the formula. He is very snotty and finding it hard to sleep for long periods because of this (and the teeth and arms out etc). Actually, I have written this blog post with on hand as I am currently holding him while he sleeps so he is upright. My little darling, how I love him so much, I cant wait until Thursday so I can get this sorted.

In other news, I just wormed my other two children because they were complaining of itchy bottoms. Did you know you should do this regularly? I didn’t!

Freddies head is rounding out nicely, thanks to the Chiro. He loves kicking and splashing in the bath and loves sweet potato and baby porridge.

Me? I am stress eating and thank goodness the Easter chocolate is almost gone in my house. Bad news is that the chocolate is gone… because I ate it all. I think my second period is coming (had my first one come back last month) and again, like before I fell pregnant, I can feel my ovulation pain. I should really think about long term contraception, I refuse to go on the pill as I want to be as hormone free as possible and our current method is too riskaayy for a couple who’s husband said that we will have a fourth baby “over his dead body”. I went in to see my obstetrician (oh wait now he is called my gyno) for a Pap smear. He also did a breast check and ovary check.

Its my ten year wedding anniversary on Thursday and we are celebrating on Wednesday as Josh has the day off.

Freddies routine? Well, we are all over the shop and it is similar to last weeks but give or take an hour earlier or later for things. Hope once he is sorted with his congestion, he might get back into a rhythm again.


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