Is there such thing as 5-month sleep regression? There has to be! This week, Freddie woke every night for what feels like every 45minutes from 12am. I actually don’t know what time this all starts because I am too scared to touch my phone incase he sees the light and then PING! His eyes stay open.

His day sleeps are still good and he is still very happy when he is awake. He is becoming quite vocal, especially when he is eating his solids and just for fun, he likes to make the noises with a mouth full of pumpkin puree and spit it all over me.

This week he has tried broccoli and loved it (his brothers have it every night for dinner) also pear, sweet potato and I must admit, a pouch of store bought puree. Let’s be honest, I have no problem at all with store bought pouches, it is all food and they are so convenient, especially when I am behind on making the purees and run out of frozen portions, so you could say, I am mix feeding home-made and store bought food.

We started trying the one arm out transition and so far, its been ok. I give him a cuddle toy to hold on to (a Moulin Roty) and he seems to love having a toy with him. Look, this might be the reason that I mentioned I think he has a sleep regression, but I am positive that he was doing the same even when he had his arms in. I tried offering him a bottle as well but this doesn’t do much, I wonder if I am getting the room temp and his sleep clothing etc all wrong? There is one thing I can kind of maybe work out myself. I think, the way I settle him to sleep for his big night sleep is with white noise and sometimes, on his side. I think (but I am not sure) but I think when he wakes from a sleep cycle, he can’t re-settle himself without the white noise or he can’t get to his side. This is just a theory I thought of the other day because I find that when I put the white noise on through the night when he wakes, he settles back to sleep. These are habits I think he needs to break eventually and probably will break eventually on his own but right now are stopping him from re-settling.

Boy, have I been tired this week!!! I feel haggard, I actually didn’t want to be active on my Instagram because I felt so hideous, so tired and scruffy, oh right, this is motherhood- I sometimes forget that I just need to roll with it and that I gave birth five months ago. As I have said before, when I was a first-time mum, I was the track pant, no make-up, messy house, never cooking mum, but with my third, you just have to get on with it, get up, get ready, clean up, make dinner etc because you have other little people who need you do keep going.

In other news, Will (now 4yo) had his four year old immunisations. He cried the little darling but had no issues afterwards.

Aston has this one bloody tooth that must come out as the new one is pushing it forward. Gee, this teething stuff never ends, does it? From baby through to the school years with the second set, I am certain Aston will need braces like I did. I am sure they orthodontic is more advanced compared to when I needed them, can you believe I wore braces for three years?? THREE!!!! I was in year 12, when I was supposed to be ‘blooming’ and looking pretty (finally) I had a metal mouth (and refused to make them ‘cool’ with colour elastic bands) when I was ready to be a real adult. Horrific, no wonder I hated high school.

Back to Frederick, look, my days with him are awesome, my nights are just bearable and thank God he doesn’t scream when he cries at night. He has reduced, if not, stopped his car crying and is drinking a lot more of his bottle, so almost all of his 180ml.

Me? I am good, I went to the gym the other day and did some cadio on a bike for 20mins and treadmill for about 10mins. I have to take all this very slow as my separation on my core is 2.5 fingers and my pelvic floor has been broken from 6 years! I am due for a hair colour and cut, a wax, a pedi, a brow shape, a naturopath apt and a full night’s sleep but I will get there. All those things are not priority things and the way that I get things done is if I prioritise. Gosh, I would love a massage!

Anywho, here is Freddie’s routine for this week, same as last week.

7am bottle (he might wake between 6-7am but I feed him at 7am as he isn’t crying or really wanting milk until then)

8am solids

9am sleep

11am bottle

12pm solids

1pm sleep

3pm bottle

4:30pm nap

5:15pm solids


6:30pm bottle

7pm bed

10:30pm dreamfeed

settle him throughout the night and potential extra bottle.