Well this was a fun week! Freddie is so much more vocal, smiling, laughing and just generally happy.

I have a pretty chilled out bubba, he still only cries for two reasons- in the car and if he is overtired and we are settling him for sleep. Freddie is just a really happy boy and seeing him slowly come into his own, one milestone at a time, is just heavenly.

When I put him on his play mat on his tummy, he hasn’t rolled again like he did a few weeks ago, but I can see he wants to move. He drools non-stop on the play mat also, I thought it was teething but the MCHN said it was saliva glands.

When Freddie is on his back on the play mat, he has been smiling, very vocal and reaches out and plays with the dangling toys. Sometimes he will be so loud continuously for several minutes, then sometimes he just wont and he will lay there so quietly, I have to remind myself where he is.

Oh, and I have noticed that he slightly lifts his head up now which shows his strength and core?

Now that he is four months, I am keeping my eye out for signals that he might want to try food. I did try him with some rice cereal the other day and he was not really into it, and I actually think his tummy didn’t like it. I am, however, going to prepare his puree food this week so I am ready to feed him when I see that he is ready. I need to buy a highchair too, I am thinking the ikea one this time.

Our day sleeps are ok, I do need to re-settle him during his sleeps so he gets his full sleeps or at least two hours. When I can’t get him to re-settle and he just wakes after 45 minutes, I just give up, I try not to push it and I just roll with what he wants to do. I know I might pay for this later on, but right now there is too much happening.

Night sleeps, same same, he goes down nicely in his bassinet at 7/7:30pm and sleeps through the dream feed but wakes stirring from 1am. I did try feeding him through the night this week but he still works up om and off like usual. I just pat him back to sleep, but at 4:30am/5am he wants to wake up! We stand up and pat him in our arms back to sleep for this. Maybe I will try giving the bottle at this time… I will try it.

Overall a pretty good week! He is still snotty and phlegmy in his chest but I think, just like a big kid, it’s the kind that just takes a while to get rid of, rather than it being contagious etc.

Freddies routine:

Same as last week!