Week 17

The all over the shop week.

Looking back at this week, I wish I wrote down each day how it went. It was a very busy week for me as it was Melbourne Fashion Week (VAMFF) and I attended at many events as I could possibly get babysitters for.

I always try to not use up my babysitting usage per person. My mum will always try and come over when she can (She works and lives on the other side of the city) and my mother in law is extremely generous with her babysitting duties for me and in the last few weeks, has stayed at my house, just for an hour or two just so I don’t have to put Freddie in the car for school pick ups.

Yep, he still cries in the car, screams! I should get my car back this week and I will move him out of his capsule into a car seat when we get the car-seat-man to put the seats back into my Mercedes GLS aka the car that converted me into a car lover.

Freddie also turned 4 months this week. I reaslied that I can now start to see his personality and can really start to explain what kind of baby he is. He is a calm baby (apart from in the car) he is an easy baby and super relaxed. He smiles all the time, he loves getting his nappy changed, he loves the bath, he loves cuddles and we had a few days this week when he loved his day sleeps.

I find that his sleep varies from day to day. One day, he will sleep in two hour blocks soundly in his basinet, the next, he wont want me to put him down and so forth. To get him to sleep, I always offer the basinet first. I put him in his love to dream zip up suit (his wings) and turn him onto his side, put blanked over him tucked in tight and I pat him. I pat him until he is just about asleep, also with white noise on. If he goes to sleep, great, if I am there trying forever, I just pick him up and cuddle him to sleep, no big deal.

We had his health nurse appointment for four months and he has shot up! He went form 57cm (last visit) to 67cm this visit. He is thriving and they are very happy with him. We do have to get his hips ultrasound as his leg folds don’t match up. The chiro that I see isn’t too concerned about it but also suggested the ultrasound. Which reminds me, I need to get him immunised this week.

Freddie got another cold and gave it to me. He is snuffly and wuffly and it is so hard hearing him snorting at night. I try the best I can to keep him upright. One night after my first runways show last week, I got home at around 11pm and as I tiptoed into my bedroom, Josh said “just come in, he is wide awake!” he was a little cranky (as men aren’t as patient I think? Well, Josh isn’t anyways) and I took him off him and held him upright, pretty much all night as he was all blocked up. Josh got a great full nights sleep on the couch.

In other news, his head is getting a little flat again, as I have been so busy this week, I haven’t given him the amount of tummy time he needs (bad mum) he is also still waking from the 12am morning through to 5am but I just resettle him over and over again. This has been my tiredest week yet.

My podcast about my three births is now live on Australian Birth Stories (here) in which I took a phone call and spoke to the lovely Sophie for an hour about all my births, pregnancy and PND. If you really want to know me a little better, you will just by listening to this. I talk a lot, I am sorry, I just have so much to say! You also see a great photo of my Freddie coming out of my tummy (eeep) and my horrifically anxious face during the surgery (raw as hell this photo).

Freddies routine:

6:30am/7am wake and milk
awake for 1.5hours
11am milk
awake for 1.5 hours
2:30/3pm milk
nap at 5pmish
6pm bath and bottle
7/7:30pm bed
10:30pm dreamfeed
re-settle him all night until 6:30am earliest. I did try feeding him when he woke throughout the night but it didn’t make any difference.