March 5, 2018

week 16

The good week

I write my week by week with Freddie and along the way, yes, I occasionally lose track of how many weeks Freddie actually is. This is happing often now, even though I document it every Sunday night. I think for me, time is flying but the days are long, the hours are long and I am very much in the moment with him and then when I look up, I am already at 16 weeks PP.

I dont really have a lot to report this week, this has been a wonderful week for us. Freddie has been the happiest he has ever been and he is sleeping wonderfully for me in the day time. I think I had a hold-me-all-day day early in the week, which is fine, as you have those days but apart from that, the last few days of this week have been brilliant. I now put him to sleep in his nursery (Still in his bassinet) but with the blinds down (dark) and white noise playing. We needed to block out the noise of the other kids and also just something consistent for him to associate sleep with. Since doing this, the dark room and white noise, he sleeps in two hour blocks in the day, with an occasional re-settle.

Night time, he is still next to my bed, right next to me so I can just sit up, lean over and put the dummy back in or pat him back to sleep. I must admit, the daytime has been better than night this week, as I am doing this patting thing four to five times over night after the dream feed, but, its nothing coffee can’t fix the next day.

I had my car broken into on Monday night, which totally put me out big time. Funny, because they smashed the car window, I had nothing for them to take from my car, so it was all a waste for them but a huge ripple effect for me, putting me out in so many ways, including my pocket.

Freddie still cries in the car which is still horrific for everyone. He is quite strong and I can see him slowly lifting his head up slightly when I am re-settling him. I settle him on his side and he sleeps on his side, which means, we will need to look at getting his arms our very soon, which will most likely be a painful week because he still has his startle reflex.

For all those asking about his flat head, it is improving so much and the Chiro we go to is Dynamic Neuro Development in Hawthorn East, Melbourne (I see Tash, she is amazing and Genevieve Keating is the owner and is the guru). We have been going to them since Aston was a baby, as had the flattest head I have seen. Flat as flat can be! It was so embarrassing when people noticed it, because I knew it was my fault for keeping him on the floor too long or not turning his head enough? His head improved and is normal now, same as Will who was slightly flat to one side like Freddie has.

My mum babysat Freddie on Friday when I had a wedding, she had him from 4pm-12am which meant I left her a schedule of his routine and what to do. I wasn’t expecting her to follow it, because I truly believe that grandparents get offended when you tell them how to care for your baby. Apparently they did it before? and they know best? Well, I will always try and give her or tell her my routine and how we do things, but I really don’t expect it to be followed. After your first child, you learn that as long as you come home to three healthy and safe children, thats all that matters.

Well, as it turns out, Freddie kept on the routine for her! He was an absolute dream! He fed and slept just as I had written down. She did the dream feed and he stayed asleep (in my notes I put in capitals ‘DONT WAKE OR TALK TO HIM OR KISS HIM!’) and then he stayed asleep without needing re-settling. Of course, when I got home, he was a bit grizzly and needed re-settling all night. I think they must play it up for the grandparents, act like little angles to them and then when we come home- bam! no sleep, grizzle etc just like his older brothers. Gosh little humans rule me!

Me? My hair is falling out now, my last scrap of milk is pretty much gone, I might occasionally squeeze them to see if anything is left (and secretly, I always hope to find a milk drop) and my period is not back yet. I feel uglier now that I was when I was pregnant or feeding, as I mentioned last week. That glow and plump cheek look went when the milk went. I decided that I might consider the botox thing for my forehead lines… might… I still think it would make me anxious if I did it. I also have four kilos to lose until I am back at pre-baby weight (and to reclaim my wardrobe back) but this is not a priority to me, as I mentioned in the baby weight blog post HERE.

Freddies Routine:

6am/6:30am- wake (agh its getting earlier!) and bottle

after 1.5 hours, he gets tired and he goes to sleep

10:30/11am- bottle

12ish or after 1.5 hours or so he will sleep, this is a good sleep for him.

2:30/3pm bottle

4:30pm nap until 5:30pm

6pm bath and bottle

7/7:30pm bed

10:30pm dreamfeed

between 2-6am re-settle. Although I am going to offer him a bottle at they time, tonight to see if it will get him back to 7am wakes.

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