February 25, 2018

Week 15

I usually write down a few key things that happen during my week, in my notes, so I don’t forget to mention them in this blog post. At the start of this week, I decided to call this week’s title ‘The Happy Week’, gee that was a great day, lots of smiles, kicking of the legs with excitement and a couple more goo’s and gaa’s, decent sleep and no middle of night feeding. Funny thing happened, that ‘happy week’ lasted just one day, and so down the drain went my blog title and I said hello to what I would officially like to call it… week of hell… no that is a bit dramatic, more like:



When your 15-week-old son cries during every single car ride, life isn’t that cruisy you know, it’s a battle between deciding to walk, find a babysitter to mind him while I go and get the older kids from school pick up or just to not go anywhere. I came to the conclusion that the tears are from the car capsule just being hot for him and he is a hot baby and he just doesn’t like it, simple.


It is currently drool city here in baby land and if I know anything from being a third-time mum, it is that I know teething when I see it (or when my shoulder is saturated in drool). His stinky little hands are being gnawed on all day and his sleeping suit is permanently wet. Where his hands are, are almost see through and around his neck is always drenched and if you have had a teething child before, you know that smell I am talking about, it’s kind of sweet, a bit milky and a bit sweaty, actually, I kind of don’t mind it. In fact, I think he is loving his smelly spit bath, because he is preferring this to his dummy, which is causing all sorts of problems at night time when he realises that the dummy isn’t in his mouth and he obviously can’t deal and needs it back in NOW! (insert crying baby sound effects)


Just when I think I have him sleeping in longer stints at night with no feed between the dreamfeed and 7am, he decides to play the suck dummy, spit out dummy, gnaw on hands, want dummy back game, oh I dunno, every hour or so. Then, just cos he is up, he figures he may as well have a feed, because, you know, boys and their random hunger times (this lasts forever by the way, I always her the husband scruffling around the fridge in the early hours and then a clink clink of the cereal bowl he has just made himself). So, as you can see, I am back at giving him another feed around the hours of 2-4am.


Another interesting thing to note, is he has a bit of a random cry between 3-3:30pm, unsure why but this has happened a few times this week.


In other news, besides the up and downs at night, he actually has lovely sleeps in the day. Because he still had some mucus and snotty nose at the start of this week (a week long cold from last week) I put him back into his cocoonababy for all his sleeps as it keeps him a little more elevated than his bassinette. He loves his cocoona, he could sleep two whole hours in it (with one or two pats to re-settle) and is always happy in it. I really need to wean him out of it which I am doing tonight and the last two nights now that he is better and he is pretty much growing out of it.


Overall with the sleep stuff and teething, Freddie is a pretty chilled bub, our days are lovely and he is getting more and more interactive with me. A few babbles and a few raspberries with saliva all over the shop. Despite the lack of night sleep this week, I do wake up pretty happy and patient with him throughout the day.



I’ve been great, I train with my PT twice a week and am feeling really sound in the mind and very slowly feeling my core coming back to make me strong, but very slowly. My butt is the biggest it’s ever been for me, which is fine but I am just squeezing into my old clothes and when I say squeeze I mean seams are about to burst and buttons about to pop. I am back into my normal bra’s as I only have a few drops of milk left (although I have a few maternity bras I can’t stop wearing!). My hair is finally starting to fall out but no sign of period. The lovely glow and plumpness of my face (which gave me like a botox looking face I think) has sadly all gone, I have had a few breakouts and my wrinkles are quite prominent again, I am back to the ‘to botox or not to botox’ question. I have never had it done and am a little bit scared to.


Freddie’s Routine:

7am Wake and bottle 180ml (he is drinking most of his bottle these days around 150-60ml)

8:30/9 sleep (he might wake early and I will re-settle him as much as I can to get him to sleep two hours)

11am Bottle

12:30pm Sleep (re-settle him to at least 2:30pm)

2:30/3pm Bottle (I either feed him at 2:30 before school pick up or after)

4:30 nap

5:30/6pm bath

6/6:30pm bottle

7/7:30pm bed

10:30pm dreamfeed

1-5am one feed if need be

@jessdempsey feed