July 1, 2013

Valentino rockstud shoes

jess dempseyjess dempseyjess dempseyjess dempseyvalentino rockstud shoes

Finally got myself a pair of Valentino Rockstud shoes and I am in love.

They are so comfy because of the kitten heel and on that note, the kitten heel would usually be my sworn enemy as it’s either flats or high heels for me but this is the exception. We have seen them all over the fashion week streets and front row and I thought a little investment to my shoe-drobe was a must, especially as I haven’t made a shoe purchase for a little while now.

So have you seen my Boohoo TVC yet? I am yet to see it live on my TV screen but am very excited for it. So the count down is on, I have 7 more days to be a ‘woman in her 20’s’ heaven help me! What is the best thing you accomplished in your 20’s? I would say mine was my marriage and birth of my son, wondering what the future will hold in my 30’s or should I say, the rest of this year.





SHOP THIS LOOK NOW: Shirt: Sabo Skirt (similar here) Cape: Cameo, Jeans: Boohoo, Shoes: Valentino rockstud shoes (similar here) Necklace: Mossman (similar here)

Photography: Fashion Photography Melbourne



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