As you would have seen all over my social platforms the other week, we celebrated Aston’s 5th birthday. I thought it might be nice to share this with you, a personal post is always fun and to be honest, to give other parents out there some ideas on what they could do for their child’s fifth birthday. You see, when they get to kinder age, there is a whole bunch of people that are added to the guest list, gone are the days of just family and close family friends coming over for a BBQ. When we added kinder friends to the equation, plus their parents, we knew we needed two parties, a kinder party and a family party (obviously some people choose to do one or the other or combine them, but we chose this option).

This year, we had our friends at the Cubbyhouse Canteen and One by One Cakes give us a helping hand for our Angry Birds themed parties. We planned a kinder party on the Saturday at an outsourced venue and had the team at Allsportz run the party, and we took along the food, cakes and drinks. Have you ever had a party somewhere other than your home? It is gold! You arrive, set up, play, pack up and go! We decided to do Angry Birds cupcakes instead of a cake at this party so we didn’t need to take a knife, plates and have left over cake to cart home with us and this worked a treat, we stuck some candles into the cupcakes, sang happy birthday and each child was given a cupcake. I popped into the CHC to pick these up fresh that morning, as well as some styling elements for the table and the food. For the kids lunch, the Cubbyhouse Canteen made each child their famous bento boxes with a sandwich, fruit and mellow stick and a novelty angry bird (girl or boy) cookie with Aston’s name embossed on it. This way, if the kids took a while to eat their lunch, they could simply put everything in the box and take it home for later. All we took home with us, was a bunch, ok a huge amount of gifts! Oh and I almost forgot to mention, Cubbyhouse made a tray of chicken sandwiches for the adults, which was a great idea because I know that when I go to a party at 12pm, you will find me hovering around Aston, waiting for him to leave a few scraps for me to eat, basically like a seagull, I am a seagull.

List for an outsourced party:

Make sure they have a trestle table at venue
Pack a bento box lunch (or order a famous custom one from Cubbyhouse)
Go for cupcakes instead of a cake
Some pop tops or bottled water for the kids (incase they don’t bring a drink bottle)
A snack for the parents is always nice, chicken sandwiches all disappeared at our party
A big bag to take home the gifts in
Plastic bag for rubbish
Candles and matches
Plates for the adult food if required

The Sunday, family party was extra fun in the styling details, Cubbyhouse crew bumped in at 10am, setting up the dessert table that they had planned, consulted with me, designed, created and sourced to make Aston’s party unique to him, the theme and the food we wanted. The idea was to envision we were up in the tree tops with the green helium balloons up above the table and the tree stumps, grass and nest below. Can we just take a moment to talk about the treats? Firstly, the Angry Birds cake was a wow factor (by their in-house baker One by One Cakes), the detail was beyond! Little cupcake-come-doughnut-nest-cupcakes were a favourite and really tied in with the theme. The big white eggs you see, are actually ‘dinosaur eggs’ the kids got to take home and put in water to later reveal a dinosaur.

We have a big enough backyard for a jumping castle, so I love hiring one on the kids bday’s to keep them outside (and not running a muck in the toy room) but I always find that balloons and bubbles are the best entertainment.

So there you have it, the Angry Birds party extravaganza for Aston’s 5th bday, he is a very lucky boy, I am not sure how we can and if we will top this years party with him being a school kid next year. I think a nice family/cousins party will do for the next few years, or not, I am not sure, they are only little people for such a short amount of time…

A little note to Narelle and Bec from the Cubbyhouse Canteen for making Aston’s bday special, I still remember in 2011 walking the pram to the CHC to grab my much needed coffee and avocado mash at 8am every single morning with Aston as a newborn.

I highly recommend Cubbyhouse Canteen for your next party, whether it is at their cafe in Union Street Park in Armadale, or to have them come in and style at your home or venue. They really tailor every party to suit the child and the family, you have a meeting, they run through everything with you and work closely with their in-house baker One by One Cakes, source balloons and styling items to make sure your party is a special and memorable one.