January 13, 2014

Gender reveal baby 2

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“What are you hoping for?” is something I have come to learn to never ask a pregnant woman. I mean, of course I am secretly (not so secretly) hoping for a girl, my pigeon pair and potentially just having two kids. I now wish I didn’t answer that question as I did  “Well, I would love my little girl” and then people would say “I’m sure it’s a girl this time” getting some sort of ‘hopes up’ for me, I even hired a doppler (hand held fetal heart rate monitor) to see if the heart rate of the baby was above 150bpm (a theory that says a high heart rate of 150bpm  is a girl) which it was for my baby between 13-20 weeks. At 12 weeks, the sonographer (ultrasound man) told me I was likely to have a girl (eeeep! I was having a girl!) and at 17 weeks my ob said he thinks he saw a penis (No he didn’t, did he? No!) but I am having a girl and my doppler heart rate says girl and my skin is bad, I am craving chocolate, I am drawn to pink and I have severe morning/all day sickness!!

I was in serious denial, maybe the penis will fall off? or maybe it was a hand?

The day of my 20 week scan, I was secretly nervous, I hardly slept a wink the night before, I was really concerned about my reaction if  my ob was right and it was actually a boy. I kept these thoughts I had a secret from the world as I was very embarrassed about these selfish feelings, I have very close friends who struggled to conceive and here I was hoping for a specific gender? Who am I? But who will I pass down my Chanel collection to? Will I ever have the special relationship that my mum and I have, will I be abandoned when my boys grow up and I will be left alone? And that polkadot tu tu I saw at Cotton On Kids yesterday that I almost bought, will I ever get to buy it?

With a gooey tummy, lying on the bed in the sonogrpahers room the ultrasound tv screen lit up.

There it was, a perfect round head, legs kicking and wiggling around and two words changed everything in a microsecond.

“I am pleased to say you have a very healthy baby”

WOW! It was like I was hit in the head with a ton of bricks, I began to cry. A beautiful healthy baby! My beautiful healthy baby, penis or v-jay-jay, my beautiful growing human in my tummy that I created with the man I love is healthy, I am the luckiest person in the world!

“Do you want to know the sex of your baby?”

“Ahhh yeah sure” not that it mattered anymore.

“Ok, what do you think that is?” the sonographer said pointing to that extra hand that my ob saw at 17weeks.

“A penis!” I replied with a big smile on my face, tears streaming down as I sneak a look to my husbands glowing face with a smile from ear to ear (his cricket team is coming along nicely)

” Look, it’s your baby brother!” He told Aston, our two year old son.

“My bruda! Aston’s bruda in mummies tummy” Aston said proudly. My heart melts.

So there you have it, I am having another gorgeous little boy! Now, I won’t lie, it is hard for me to walk passed the pretty girly racks in the stores and yes, I did have her name, her nursery and her outfits planned out for her first 12 years, but she will come to me one day (we will go again for a third no matter what, girl or boy) but this little bundle of love in my tummy who just won’t stop wiggling and kicking me at night is my beautiful second child and will be a baby brother to his big brother Aston. I feel so honoured to be giving Aston a brother, I never had a sister and I always wished I had one and they do say boys love their mums!

I am so excited (yes, another silly question people ask pregnant women, of corse we are excited! Heaven save us if we weren’t excited!) to meet little Dempsey #2 and to kiss his little cheek and hold him in my arms or whatever happens after a c-section, not sure I can hold him immediately after surgery? I am booked in this time due to girl health reasons you best not ask about after a natural birth but I am a tad nervous about this, however this day cannot come sooner.

I washed all of Aston’s old clothes and put them in drawers, it is a little boring not having to buy anything new except a double pram (waaaa I am mourning the sale of my bugaboo!) Babies are still so expensive even if you are having a bub of the same sex as your first one, so I popped into Target to get some fresh new baby essentials at fabulous prices yet still really fashionable as you can see in the snaps of my nursery-in-progress.

So there we have it, a boy! I can’t wait to share with you the rest of my pregnant journey until he arrives. I thought it was nice to share a bit of honesty of the emotions an expectant mother goes through and the lessons they learn along the way. I am over the moon he is a boy but the only thing is, now I have to think of another boys name to work with Aston, any suggestions? Oh and any C-section tips would be great!


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