Fattoush Salad with my neighbour Linda

https://youtu.be/w1jjFp6gi1Y Fattoush is my all time favourite salad that my neighbour Linda Saunders makes. It is so fresh and so healthy, I now make it every week, but maybe not quite as good as Linda! Ingredients:x2 sleeves of Watercress choppedx2 bunch Parsley chopped finex1 bunch of Mint choppedx1 bunch of [...]

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Simple Fried Rice Recipe

Here is a simple Fried Rice Recipe that the whole family should enjoy, that you can have as a side, a main or left overs for lunch! I like to make it and take to people's houses when you are told to bring a plate. Ingredients: x4 Spring Onion stems [...]

2019-03-19T12:21:43+10:00April 12, 2018|

Sausage and Broccoli Pasta Recipe

This is a pasta recipe my sister in law shared with me years ago. As time went on, it has changed slightly to fit with the way I cook or how my boys like it, but that is what cooking is all about! I like to make this recipe because [...]

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Summer Muesli Pot

This is my first post for 2018 and I am sorry it is a little un-polished but I am just reacting to my readers. After putting up an Insta Story of my Summer Muesli Strawberry invention, I was inundated with DM's asking for the recipe! So here it is just [...]

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Healthy mum healthy Bub

I had a sleepy baby the first two weeks of Freddie’s life, things were way too cruisy for this new mama, I thought it was either because of the epidural/spinal I had twice in my caesarean and maybe it was still in his system? Or maybe, just maybe because he knows he [...]

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Fancy Looking Smashed Avo Recipe

Looks Fancy (but is so easy) Smashed Avo INGREDIENTS 1 slice well toasted ezikiel or essene sprouted wheat bread 1/2 avocado 1/2 tub fresh 'Pom life' pomegranate seeds 1/2 square of Meredith goats feta 1/2 bunch roughly Chopped coriander Drizzle of extra virgin olive oil METHOD Mash the avocado, Toast [...]

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