November 12, 2014

Races fashion 2014


DERBY DAY: Dress: DKNY | Shoes: Alias Mae | Headpiece: Danica Erard | Gloves: Alannah Hill | Cuff: CHANEL | Bag: CHANEL Make-Up, Nails, Tan: MAKEUP with meKARENWOO_WWKD_MELBCUPOUTFIT_007

MELBOURNE CUP DAY: Dress: ASOS | Belt: Vintage CHANEL | Shoes: Alias Mae | Bag: CHANEL | Headpiece: Danica Erard| Gloves: Alannah Hill | Makeup, tan, nails: MAKEUP with meKARENWOO_WWKD_OAKSDAY_014 KARENWOO_WWKD_OAKSDAY_011 KARENWOO_WWKD_OAKSDAY_009

OAKS DAY: Top & Skirt: Clover Canyon purchased at Toscani Noosa | Bag: Chloe Drew | Hat: Danica Erard | Bangles: Hermes | Shoes: The Mode Collective | Makeup, tan, nails: MAKEUP with me


STAKES DAY: Dress: ASOS | Headpiece: Danica Erard | Bag: CHANEL | Shoes: Alias Mae |Makeup, tan, nails: MAKEUP with me | Image by Danielle Castano

Well, that was the end of the Melbourne Cup Carnival and what a week it was. I survived the four days and my feet are still in tact and because I am not a drinker, I didn’t have to nurse a sore head all week. I thought it would be nice to do a little recap on my outfits and let you know where to shop them, incase you fancy one for the party season that is just about to hit us. I have to mention, special thanks goes to Danica Erard for my millinery for the entire week, a millinery genius, fashion forward and above and beyond what millinery is today, keep your eye out for this rising star as she takes over the millinery scene in Australia! Thanks to Karen Woo, my other half of WWKD and amazingly creative photographer who snapped away all week to give us the best coverage, she is one of my besties and so lucky to share this journey with her! Also the girls at Make Up with me for making me pretty all week, some more besties!


vrc members pavilion birdcage

Also, I have mentioned before on the blog, I am a VRC member and if I wasn’t lucky enough to be invited to the marquees then I would still be able to spend my day in the birdcage. Yes, you heard me! As a member, you have the opportunity to buy a ticket to the Members’ Pavilion Marquee in the Birdcage over the carnival and experience the excitement of the birdcage first hand with your friends. The pavilion is situated right where the action is overlooking the Lexus and Emirate Marquees and also in eyes distance of the Birdcage bathrooms in which all celebrities have to use as marquees (other than Emirates) do not have them. I had one of my interns attend the Moroccan inspired VRC Members’ Pavilion on Emirates Stakes Day and boy, was she excited to be there! The styling this year was inspired by Morocco, opulent decor, flowers and furnishings decorated the indoor and outdoor space whist enjoying live music and later a dj. The gourmet food shared the same Moroccan flavour and the beverage was as premium as the people watching. I am so glad I sent Sheradyn along to experience the day for me so I could tell my family members, friends and you, who are members just how good it is!

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