August 17, 2014

Spanish Red

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A little bit of latino lovin’ tonight for you all. I am a huge fan of anything Spanish inspired, I think it is strong, sexy and wearable. This outfit is top to toe Karen Millen and boy, am I feeling good! It has been 4 months since Will was born, time is flying by so fast, he is almost up to eating solids and I am starting feel a little more like me. I say me as in, fitting into all my old clothes, slowly losing the fluid in my fingers, although my rings are still on my pinkie and obviously my legs aint’ quite there due to the mark my boots left on my legs before putting this outfit on (eeeep!)

I am very, very excited about all things Werribee Plaza coming up as you know I am their fashion ambassador and another exciting thing is my new mumma blog being launched in the coming weeks. You can start following the instagram HERE if you like.

Photography: Karen Woo

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