So, I thought it was about time to introduce myself, yep, you heard me, my title has changed and I am officially known as Mrs Jessica Dempsey, School Mum! Agh! School Mum!

So far, life as a school mum has been pretty good. I can say that since Aston started school, our house-hold has been a little more exciting, a little more organised, and as parents, Josh and I are very proud.

Although the early morning starts are taking some getting used to and getting two kids dressed, fed, lunches made and myself ready and out the door before 7:50 is a huge challenge, it has given me a good kick up the butt to be more valuable with my time.

I have found the jump from kinder to school is a big one. At school drop, there is no hanging around, helping him put his things away, looking at his artwork or having him show me around the classroom every morning. He lines up at the class door and waves his sweet little hand goodbye to me and I must exit the premises before I get locked in the gates and have to walk through the reception (aka walk of shame) to get out the school grounds. Aston has already been on an excursion, in a bus, with no parent volunteers! All these things, he seems to be fine with, but it is me, his obviously over protective, helicopter mum that must start to adjust to the change and let go a tad.

At 3pm pick-ups, I thrive on seeing Aston’s happy expression when he sees me waiting for him. I try extremely hard during our walk back to the car to squeeze out any information about his day’s activities, but all I seem to get is a “nothing” -seriously, nothing? Now I am kicking my old-self for saying that to my mum back in the day!

When we get home, it is all systems go, the boys play together, I unpack the school bag, prepare dinner, clean up and then the boys come in and have some quite time before dinner. Aston has been allowed on his iPad again, after several months of an iPad ban, but this time, it is for educational purposes.

You would have seen that I have mentioned the ABC Reading Eggs program that we have been using, Bec Judd has also mentioned this too on her platforms for her children. With learning to read and math’s, being the next big step in Aston’s development, the Reading Eggs has helped him in leaps and bounds. I suppose, I could plug to you any program for learning but I have genuinely seen results with my child and the Reading Eggs program and I can assure you that it has come highly recommended by Aston the child and me as the mum. No joke, he could spend one hour doing the learning, and I see how proud of himself he is when he recognizes a word, or spells a word out for the first time.

For anyone who is interested or is wondering what the hype is all about, I have given you some information below:

READING EGGS is the award-winning program that makes learning to read easy and fun. It uses a progressive sequence of highly interactive lessons, games, activities and e-books. The comprehensive program is designed by expert Australian educators and has been used by over 10 million children worldwide.

ABC Reading Eggs includes hundreds of one-on-one reading lessons that teach children essential early literacy skills, including phonics and sight word recognition. Parents can access detailed assessment reports to track their child’s progress, and print out certificates and worksheets, which supplement the program.

Based on scientific research and the most up-to-date learning principles, ABC Reading Eggs uses a highly motivational reward system, which keeps children highly engaged while they learn to read. It also includes an online library of over 2000 children’s books to suit all reading levels.

You can try the READING EGGS for four week for free- see HERE