February 24, 2016

Coffee and Relaxed Races




I love getting excited about a race day, planning my outfits, talking about it to my friends and planning our day together. As a true Melbournian, I always like to make an entire day out of it, by starting with breakfast at a local cafe and then finish off my day at a cool hot spot but not too far away from the track. So, I thought it might be a nice idea to share a couple of suggestions of where you and your friends can go to before and after a Relaxed Race day, that isn’t too far from Caulfield, just a train stop or two away for convenience. Here are my favourites I thought you would like just as much as I do. melbourne-cafe-review good-restaurant-melbourneLisaFrieling_wwkd_23.02.16-5161


27th Feb Blue Diamond Stakes
26th March Easter Cup

At a Relaxed Race day, it is all about chilling out, enjoying the summer while it lasts, get yourself a picnic blanket and pack a gourmet basket (or even buy one before you attend here) and share a moment with your favourite people. more info here: racing.com/relaxed

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Jess wears: Thurley Dress/ Mossman Dress and Trench / Forever New Hat

Photography: Lisa Frieling / Creative: Georgia Booth


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