20 points about my pregnancy so far, third time around, compared to the first and second times.

1. I have had all day morning sickness from five weeks which includes fatigue, vomiting, nausea, hardly eating, hardly drinking and not being able to exercise at all for 5 months.

2. My cravings have been next level which have included going from ginger beer, organic orange juice, sparkling water to Ribena juice for the beverages and weetbix, toast with jam and vegemite, falafels, agnalotti pasta and happy cow cheese for the food.

3. Even if it is third time around, I forgot about all the mile stone weeks, what I can and can’t eat and how fast my baby is developing.

4. Third time around, I knew what was my tummy gurgling and what was the baby moving, I felt movements from very early on.

5. I forget to take my multivitamins all the time.

6. I am a little more chilled out on the week counting this time, I know my due date and just kind of aim for that rather than knowing if I am exactly 19 or 20 weeks.

7. I am loving dressing the bump a lot more and finding it very empowering.

8. I can’t wait for the moment I meet my baby, I can’t wait for the sleepless nights, the crying, the hospital, the breastfeeding all of it as I know how fast it will go.

9. My husband has only been to one appointment with me, which was the 20-week ultrasound and there was no warm smiles, little giggles or wow moments. It was more of a check list of health and dates and he was satisfied.

10. I am documenting more of this pregnancy so I remember it well, as it might be my last pregnancy ever.

11. We have one girl and one boy name, not a long list like we have with the previous pregnancies. Do you know how hard it is to come up with a third boy name we both agree on?

12. Aston our eldest is enjoying this pregnancy too as he was too little to remember my last one.

13. I thought I would be more weight conscious as I know how hard it is to lose the weight afterwards, but because I was vomiting so much and hardly eating at the start, I just need to get any food I can. I went to KFC the other day for some chips, something I haven’t done since my late nights out in my twenties.

14. I know from my last birth experience, how much I will love this baby as soon as I see it and just how lucky I am to have a third child.

15. I realised things have evolved since having a newborn three years ago, from baby trends, to products and especially formula feeding, not to mention all those dummies I threw away last year that seem to be discontinued now.

16. I still get a little anxious at my body changes and twinges such as my boobs growing or my tummy and insides moving into place. I forget that it is all part of pregnancy, not that there is something wrong with me.

17. I still love to read how big the baby is at certain weeks, even if I forget how far along I am at the time. Recently, I thought my baby was still the size of my thumb when in fact, it was as big as my husband’s hand!

18. I am already reading up on raising boys, just in case I am a true blue mum of boys.

19. I won’t buy anything pink but I am happy to buy blue as my gut is telling me blue.

20. As I slowly, very slowly, but surely get over the sickness, I am excited for the next 18/19ish weeks as I know I will start to enjoy it at its fullest.