March 5, 2015

Play date

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The only date I have been on lately (or yearly) is a play date for the kids. It is amazing how you can find amusement or joy through giving up an otherwise shopping day, to see your little ones have fun. Lately, I have been prioritising the kid’s activities over my own, and it has been really refreshing to give my schedule a back seat until they go to bed. I have a lot of commitments approaching including Melbourne fashion week and then MBFWA in Sydney. I remember when I went to Paris Fashion Week two years ago, I left Aston at home and nicked off to Paris for a week. It was hard for me but apparently harder for him as I was told a story that he went to the laundry, pulled out one of my dresses and carried it around the house saying “Mummy!” (insert tears…from me)

Meanwhile, I am diggin’ flares and wide leg pants at the moment, when I say diggin’, I mean obsessed! Don’t be surprised if you see me only wearing pants from now on, its a little Rachel Zoe/Charlie’s Angels 70’s goodness!


Jumper: Max Mara
Jeans: Mavi
Hat: Boohoo
Necklace: Vintage Chanel via Hawkeye Vintage

Will (youngest) Wears
Jumper: Jacadi
Shorts: Pure Baby
Shoes: The Mama and Co

Aston Wears
Tshirt: Sudo
Shorts: Mossimo


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