February 28, 2017




Over the next few weeks, I am going to be talking about winter! Yes, you heard correctly, winter. It is time for a little teaching in ‘shopping in advance’, if you was to snap up the hottest items for winter but you live in Australia, well you should be shopping now (or earlier) to the pieces that you want. On the flip side to this, you could wait and get whatever is left in stock and on-sale when the rest of the world is ready for Spring Summer.

I had a little snoop on NET-A-PORTER for winter to see what just arrived online, and I found the above pieces that really stood out to me. Burberry is winning for me at the moment, I actually need to invest in a trench for my wardrobe, I already have the umbrella which I would call a ‘house hold’ investment, I have had mine for over ten years now. If you haven’t checked out the Burberry beauty range, I highly recommend you do so. I once had my make-up done by a Burberry make up artist and the product is so luxurious, dewy, hydrating and the colour pallet is what sold me the most- I find it so hard to find nice, muted rose colours and they have a great selection.

One more thing I must add from my NET-A-PORTER scouting, was the Vetements + Manolo Blank shoe collection, a must see!


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