April 8, 2010

My world

The addiction began after receiving a letter in the mail at the age of 18 explaining to me that I was eligible for a credit card. I haven’t looked back since.

Starting out small at around 21 years old with Gucci sunglasses and Oroton wallets and then progressing to Hermes enamel bangles and Marc Jacobs knits, to YSL shoes and an LV bag.. the luxury obsession began..

I am now in rehab and am on 24 hour watch by my husband, I have one day a week visiting rights minus the credit card, however the doors may be locked and the bars on windows I have found a crack in my surveillance.

I am back! it runs through my veins and I am happy, but will he notice the packages arrive 10 days later by courier? will my fingers be caught as I type in my memorised visa number?? or will he realise its not me… its not an obsession, its my hobby, my life, my passion, its my football and my religion, its not just me, there are others with the same obsessions and then there is Karl!



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