I always wanted to drive big cars and when I was pregnant with my first son, we bought our first 4WD, it was white (all my cars are white) and it wasn’t a Mercedes-Benz. I never had an interest in luxury brand name cars, until I drove my father in laws Mercedes-Benz which was a brand new GLE from Mercedes-Benz Toorak. In fact, all my in-laws drive a Merc, and despite my husband being apart of that family, he said we would never join the ‘fleet’…. until he drove my father in laws GLE.

We ended up buying that car from him and we joined the fleet.

You see, the brand name was awesome, but when you actually get in that front seat and drive a Mercedes-Benz, the designer name is completely understood. The feeling you get of safety, smoothness on the road, high tech support with its navigation system and safety features all make you fall in love with the car itself and then, of course, the designer name is the bonus.

In 2017, I became a friend of Mercedes-Benz Toorak, my family had been clients of them as I had mentioned and it was the perfect alignment for me as I already drove a Merc from MB TOORAK.

Today, I am lucky enough to have the newest version of the GLE, the GLS, and boy, is she a beauty. Never, have I ever felt safer in a car and on the roads, this car is always one step ahead when it comes to safety. I love the beeping from front and rear when you are too close to something, not to mention the satellite camera of my surroundings, the space in the back seat for the kids and the media system and the subtle other safety features such as a blind spot light that tells you when it is safe to merge, heck, if I go over my line on the road, it alerts me and steers be back! Oh and then there is the comfort, the seat warmers, the ambient lighting, the leather seats that adjust to my perfect setting and voice activated options for phone and navigation. The back windows are tinted and also have an inbuilt shade you can slide on for extra shade.

The three boys sit in the second row behind me, so let me recap this here as my baby brain might not have explained it correctly in the video I filmed at 9 months pregnant. I have the capsule for the baby on the passenger side, a ‘maxi rider’ car seat in the middle and a booster on the other window side behind me. As my maxi rider car seat is a little bit wide, it wouldn’t fit near the window, where I wanted it for my middle child Will (almost 4), so that seat stays in the middle and my eldest son, Aston, sits in it (I wanted him next to the baby as he is a great help with the baby and the other is, well, cheeky). Aston straps himself in as he is 6yo and my son Will sits in the booster seat and I buckle him in before I get into the front seat.

The media system in the GLS is so fun, the TV is located behind both head rests and also at the front. When you are stationary, the front TV screen stays on and switches off the screen (but you can still listen) whilst driving. It streams all free to air channels BTW and is a life saver when I have William in the car with me and we are waiting to pick up Aston from school (also has a DVD option)

The boot is massive and fits so much, I recently went away on a road trip and I packed my Bugaboo stroller, a baby basinet, two suitcases and golf clubs!

I am not telling you to buy this car, but if you are in the market for a wonderful family car, I cannot recommend it enough from my friends at Mercedes-Benz Toorak. As a dealership themselves, the customer service is impeccable, young and friendly and they really know how to look after their VIP clients. Mercedes-Benz Toorak is run by Lee Matenga, a young family man, so if you have any questions about the perfect car for your family, they are the experts!

Tell them I sent you! xxx