September 2, 2012

MSFW opening Gala

Cecylia Kee and Micah Gianneli

Friday night was the opening Gala for the MSFW 2012 and it blew me away! From the moment I entered the grand Melbourne Town Hall, its beauty was enhanced ten fold with opulent styling, bold and spectacular floral arrangements, flowing champagne and most importantly, a room full of fashion people.

I am so lucky I had this never worn Aqua dress sitting in my wardrobe for a rainy day because it was perfect for the event. I had such a fun night, MSFW really know how to put on a show and how to please my appetite, there was an oyster and sushi buffet and to tempt me even more, a dessert bar! I ate about 6 macaroons with my accomplice Cecylia. I was also so happy to catch up with Micah Gianneli and Jesse Maricic from Raww blog whom I have not seen for way too long.

I am looking forward to a week long of fashion and will be giving you a front row seat to the runways I attend as I will be filming them for you- stay tuned xoxox

Thanks to Jesse from Raww Blog for the photographs x

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