August 7, 2014

MSFW 2014 Influencer



This week is all about announcements it seems and I am thrilled to announce that I am one of the Influencers for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2014. I remember when I attended my first MSFW back in 2010 when I first started the blog (see post HERE OMG what a baby!) and I purchased the tickets and sat six rows back. I remember dressing up in my coolest of cool clothing and got a little nervous when a street style photographer wanted to take a photo of me in my Karl Who? tshirt. If someone walked over to me that night and said “In four years time you will be apart of all this” I would not have believed them. I am so honoured to be recognised as a go-to fashion authority in Melbourne and all my hard work does feel as though my hard work has paid off.

The MSFW this year includes s a retail element that I will be involved in. It is a one night shopping event (OPENING NIGHT) on Friday 29 August where the retailers in Melbourne’s CBD will stay open for fashionistas to shop, shop, shop and offer great incentives. I will be on the ground live, keeping you informed of all the happenings and hot must have pieces available that night. It will be jam packed with entertainment, pop up dancers, styling sessions and a roving retail runway!

My tip to you If you are a fashion lover in Melbourne and you want to be in the Melbourne fashion scene as a blogger or for your career or just because you love fashion, it is important to get along to any free fashion events or any runway that you can pay to be at and network network network! This is what I did, I was seen at most events and gave out my business cards, its time to get out there an support your fashion city, nothing is stoping you to be the next me!

Opening night details HERE

For the Program and Runway details, head to the  MSFW website, Oh and get in quick to get your runway tickets!

Photography: Lisa Frieling

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