Last week, Marks and Spencer came to Melbourne town for a good old fashioned pj party! The scene was set at Notel Melbourne rooftop where the sun would set beyond the surrounding CBD buildings. With a splash of pink balloons and some silver streamline caravans, the Marks and Spencer nightwear party kicked off for the ultimate girls night in.

If you have been following me for some time, you would know I am a big and long time fan of M&S, I shop their children’s collection for my boys and often their homewares range for my home. This night, we were introduced to their latest Marks and Spencer nightwear collection, and, for fun, we got to pick our own pjs to wear for the night.

As the DJ played the latest top 30 songs and we devoured the pink fairy floss, it was a lovely chance for the bloggers to soak up Melbourne at it’s finest, a balmy night with an intimate bunch of blogger friends and pj fashion. I actually couldn’t decide between wearing a flannelette nightie (BUY HERE $34AU) or the striped super soft two piece, so I decided on a mid event outfit change, as you do! You see, I am a flannelette pj girl from way back, my husband likes to remind me about the terrible collection of ‘flano’ pjs I have owned over the years and how un-sexy they are, but for me, I dream about getting into my flanno’s all day long! Besides, he still married me, we have two kids now so I think the not-so-sexy pj thing actually did its job!

Back to my outfit change, a favourite amongst most of the bloggers was the stripe set (SHOP HERE $17AU). Despite the group of us all together looking like prisoners (I prefer to think we look like a bunch of Coco Chanel’s in her beloved striped man-style top she wore) we were super relaxed and lounged about on the most comfiest M&S bean bags I have ever sat on. Was it really rude of me to expect my friends to lean down to give me a hello kiss so I didn’t have to leave my comfy spot?

Throughout the venue, Marks and Spencer homewares were scattered in and out the caravans, including cushions, towels, soap dispensers and so much more, which really gave a homely presence to the space and had me thinking about my renovation and what I need to furnish my home!

I think I will leave it here and let the images speak for themselves, do yourself a favour and check out the M&S Nightwear collection and of course the homewares- I recommend the photo frames, I have tons of them!


Thanks Marks and Spencer and ShoppingLinks for a wonderful event and opportunity to work with you again.