It is almost D day for us, Aston starts school next week! All the emotions are circulating our home at the moment, nerves, excitement, fear, worry and that is just Josh and I! Have we done enough to get him to school? I sure hope so!

We went to his orientation late last year and we got to meet his teacher, the principal and other parents, I must say, it really put us at ease hearing how nurturing the school is to the grad preps and their families. So, despite all the fly away emotions, deep down, we know we, I mean he, will be perfectly fine.

In the orientation newsletter, it recommended a lot of things for us to do to prepare for this big new year and one was to label EVERYTHING and to use the company, STUCK ON YOU! It just so happens that I get to collaborate with this wonderful and truly inspiring company, whom, I am sure will be plastered all over the preppies stationary and clothing!

If you haven’t heard of STUCK ON YOU (CLICK HERE), let me give you a quick run-down of how they will make your life so easy, starting with the fact that they are online and can deliver everywhere!

When Aston was born, he received a gift from a family member who ordered his name made out of a wooded puzzle from STUCK ON YOU. This is how I first discovered the company and website STUCK ON YOU, and I soon used this gift idea for a first birthday gift for a friend’s child not long after. A few years later, when it was time to send Aston to kinder, it was the beginning of ‘time to label EVERYTHING!’. I started writing with a permanent marker, his name on his clothing – terrible idea as it smudged and leaked! This was also the case for his water bottles, I always had to re-write his name after every bottle wash. I then remembered the STUCK ON YOU website, I literally ran to my computer and opened up the website and was in label heaven! I ordered a bunch of sticker labels for his water bottles, his shoes, clothes and some cute key-rings with his name on them for his kinder bag.

Fast forward to today, about to start school and we replenished his labels for his new stationary, his school drink bottle and his… ahum.. school uniform and shoes. What was different this order, was I found a cool bento lunch box! Aston is quite fussy and likes to only eat familiar food and everything needs to be separate, if a bit of hummus is on his carrot stick without him doing it himself, then he won’t eat it.

So, I thought I would give you some great lunch ideas for your child’s kinder or school lunch box too!

Do yourself a favour and check out STUCK ON YOU (check it out HERE), I bet you will be ‘stuck’ on that site for hours feeling pretty impressed with all the cool things you can buy! Side note– I bought myself, Josh, Aston and Will our own towels from there each with our own initials on them so we could save on all the laundry washing!