October 30, 2016

Lexus Marquee Derby Day 2016

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We kicked off the Melbourne Cup Carnival with Derby Day this year, the Lexus Marquee Derby Day 2016 was the fashion elite hub, with top models, designers, bloggers and social fashionistas. Yet again, the design featured stunning floral installations, breathing air into the three story marquee with the top level delivering the guests with spectacular views of Flemington. My fav Melbourne restaurant, Mr Miyagi, served up my favourite ‘Nori Tacos’ and ‘Hello Kitty Sour’ Cocktails, yum, such a crowd pleaser, not to mention a popular instagramabale moment.

I think I will let the photos speak for themselves…. xo

*Please email jess@whatwouldkarldo.com for image usage and ensure all credits Karen Woo for @whatwouldkarldo

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Photographer: Karen Woo for WWKD

I wear Alexis Dress, Jo Mercer shoes, Gucci Bag and Chanel Hat

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