October 6, 2014

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I love being a mum and love being  a fashion mum and even more so with my second baby Will. As I mentioned on my ‘mummy blog’ The Mummy Confidentials, I had a not so glam pregnancy with Aston but a very glam one with Will. It only made sense for me to get a new stroller, a fashion stroller, the Joolz Day Tailor that I customised in denim and with a “Hermes style” leather colour accent. I also gave my scrappy old Marc Jacobs nappy bag the boot as the Joolz comes with a nursery bag in the same colour ways. I took the undercarriage storage off as I spilt a milk bottle in it and was drying it so just incase you were wondering, it does come with storage. The Joolz is light weight and you won’t pull a hammie whilst packing and unpacking it an issue I had with my other prams.

On another note, I love my Chanel Dallas boots! An expensive purchase but I have worn them so much, the dollar per wear has definitely paid off! This look is a little nod to King Karl’s amazing Dallas collection.


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