1. Camilla and Marc 2. Nobody 3. Gucci 4. Cult Gaia 5. Gucci  6. Coach 7. NA-KD 8. Forever New 9. Aquazzura 10. Gucci 11. Dolce and Gabbana 12. Chloe
    13. MLM 14. Valentino 15. ASOS 16. Oscar de la Renta 17. Saint Laurent 18. Gucci 19. Seed 20. Gucci 21. Forever New 22. Tony Bianco

A WWKD reader requested I put together an edit on how to mix high-street clothing (affordable fashion/chain store’s such as Zara or Topshop fast fashion pieces are commonly referred to as ‘high-street fashion’ in the fashion industry FYI) mixed with high-end (designer) investment fashion.

If I could describe my style, essentially this is it! High street mixed with high end investment key pieces. I love investing in shoes, bags and accessories as they will stand the test of time and last in my wardrobe, hence the word ‘investment’ or investing in quality. The rest of my wardrobe is high-street, affordable jeans, blouses and dresses that gives me the flexibility to buy more to stay on trend.

Creating a luxe look, doesn’t mean you must be dripping in top to toe designer, in fact, I find that off putting, so finding a nice balance of designer mixed with a great top you picked up on ASOS with a few other accessories is a simple way to make your look luxe.

I have some examples above of how I like to style using both of the ‘high’s’ to hopefully inspire you and maybe get you shopping? That’s always fun! A lot of the above is on my ‘wish list’.

I must also mention that I do love investing in some long lasting high-end clothing, such as a coat, a blazer or a designer t-shirt. And on special occasions, overseas trips or when I am feeling really naughty, I also like to splurge a little too on other designer clothing, for example, I have five Chanel jackets (which I thought I would hand down to a daughter! ha- please someone send me a fashionista daughter in law!) and I have a few gorgeous Miu Miu dresses that I have worn a couple of times only but still love seeing it in my wardrobe.

Always stick to what you can afford, do not buy just to keep up with Instagram, like I said, just one investment piece (often shoes or a bag or these days, a Gucci belt) mixed with high-street will take you a long way fashionably!

Shop the items I found below:

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