January 13, 2016

Girl about town

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How is your happy new year going folks? I kind of feel like for me and everyone I know, we truly believe that ‘this is our year’, for me, this is my year to work super hard and achieve more than I did last year. To achieve this, I need to cut the cord and put my smallest (and most active) child into care so I can get shit done. Imagine a puppy that follows you all day, you have to feed it, clean it, keep it alive and then combine that with a tasmanian devil, ok maybe thats a bit harsh, combine that with a large Labrador puppy cross monkey that runs around the house wrecking things, climbing things and bites other dogs and humans, this is my child- how could you get any work done? It aint’ easy, I tells you.

Now, this little person is prone to sickness, as I am sure you have seen I have mentioned on my instagram. With all the craziness comes the softness of my little boy (whom I obviously love dearly) when an illness gets him down, just yesterday we were at the Royal Children’s hospital (again) with his asthma. It is moments like that, that make you appreciate the crazy times and appreciate that his bold personality and go-get-em’-non-stop energy makes up such a big and special place in our family. Imagine trying to keep this active kid (even when he is sick) confined to a hospital bed for 12 hours, man, that was hard, I felt like I was back on my flight to LA last year when he could not sit in the chair on the aeroplane.

My point to this nonsense of an article is this: we all might have big plans for our year, bigger than the last because we couldn’t achieve what we wanted last year, we think we can do it this year. But, sometimes life situations jump in our path and that straight road that we try so hard to follow, hits a stops sign and we have to pause everything we had planned on doing, just for a small moment, setting us back again. It’s ok, because the way I see it, it is usually my kids that need me and they are only so little for only a short time. Yes, I hope to do a lot more with my brand such as newsletters, more editorials, health guides and some other personal goals, but when my day gets wiped out and set behind because an unexpected situation from a loved one, it is just a reality check, tapping me on the shoulder to remind me what life is all about.

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Hat: Lack of Color / Jacket: Ruby Sees All / Tshirt: Marcs / Skirt: Marcs / Bag: Coach / Shoes: Saint Laurent / Ring: McQueen



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