Well, it is Melbourne Spring Fashion Week again, which essentially means to the Melbourne girl that it is the beginning of event season on our calendar and the events from now on won’t stop until March next year!

This will be my 6th year attending MSFW, I remember my first year, I bought tickets with my sis in law Georgie and I was so excited to attend my first runway. I remember seeing the designers and only one or two bloggers sit front row, because, well, to be honest, there was only a hand full, and I mean one hand full of bloggers that I could count and then I was included into that equation not long after.

I thought I would style up an outfit I think is a great, yet a relaxed fashion week look. Here I styled an easy knit (get yourself onto Iris & Ink for all your basics!!) with simple white pants, nothing over the top or too fashion forward going on here, but a little personality is thrown into the mix with my pom pom hat. This is a far cry from my first fashion week outfit which was a Karl Who? tee with a leather short skirt that had spikes (not studs) popping out all over it and a felt boater hat. Style should be effortless, it shouldn’t be forced and should reflect who you are.

Wow, its nice to not talk about the kids for a change, although looking at my stats, I know you love it when I do, but a little me time which I am having right now, always involves fashion!

Seeings I am in the mood on reflection from back when I started, here is the reason behind my blog name:

I remember when I was trying to think of a blog name I wanted it to be a cool name, a memorable name and for it to become usable on merchandise eventually. I thought about it for days and when I was in my walk in robe, I was trying to find an outfit to wear to an event I was going to, I remember staring at my clothes but nothing was grabbing me, then I thought: WHAT WOULD KARL DO? so I opened up style.com on my computer to look at the latest Chanel runway in the hope for some outfit inspiration. I looked at the latest Chanel collection and what pieces the models wore, what colours were put together, what the styling elements were and I replicated one of the looks with what I had in my wardrobe.  Bingo!

PS- I discovered another website for customisable/personalising fashion items for gifts or just for you-  Keep It Personal!