November 19, 2014

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Quite buys here at WWKD HQ, with the races almost over (one more day tomorrow at the Werribee Cup) I am looking forward to Christmas. I am very excited to have family time and this year as a family of four with little Will now in my life. Doesn’t time just fly by? This time last year, I had a little baby growing in my tummy and now he is a 7 month old, learning to crawl and always with a smile on his face. Aston on the other hand, is going through his terrible three’s despite the pretty cute faces he pulls for a photo, after the ‘click’ he turns into a little crazy kid! All part of the mama train that I am on.

Meanwhile, in other news, WWKD will have a face lift for 2015, a newer and cleaner version of its face will kick off the year and celebrate my 5 years of blogging. With each editorial, you will see a hint of CHANEL in every look, tying back to my What would Karl do? roots and name sake. My branding is and has always been about high street fashion meets high end luxury accessories since the conception of WWKD back in 2010 and my creative styling gives you another way to look at fashion which sets my blog apart from others, as I am sure you don’t want to see the same old thing worn the same old way. Karen Woo, my beautiful photographer and bestest of friends is now part of the WWKD team and makes up a significant part of what my editorials are today. As a team, her creative eye and fashion edge compliments my styling and vision, which I am sure you have noticed over time.

Anyways, heres to a great week! Happy hump day! xx



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