July 17, 2013

editorial fashion

fashion editorialfashion editorialfashion editorial fashion editorial


I kind of feel like the core of my style has snuck away from me lately and I have adapted the easy way to dress instead of my classic statement look. If you take the time to look back at my blog from early 2011 or late 2010 you will know what I mean by a little eccentric and during my pregnancy it was toned down because, well, I was preggo and then the same afterwards but now, it’s so good to be able to delve back into my editorial fashion style, I mean, it is what sets me apart from other bloggers. So, most likely I wouldn’t see you walking down the street in this outfit, nor would you see me (unless it was to a fashion week or fabulous event) but what you could take from it to adapt to your own style would be by taking the idea of using metallic gold in your look or using gold with black.

Fashion is all about finding your own style and find what makes you different!

Top: Rare Opulence (very old item) Skirt: Alice McCall, Shoes: K by Kurt Guiger, Belt: Vintage Karl Lagerfeld

Photography: Fashion Photography Melbourne

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