November 4, 2012

Derby Day Lexus Style

From first class to all class, I popped into the Lexus marquee for a taste of sleek sophistication. As it turns out, it was the hub for fine ladies and fun loving fellows, it was where the party was at! A DJ set the vibe, pops of floral arrangements gave a hint of femininity to an otherwise masculine theme and sushi chiefs crafted the freshest-of-fresh food for the glamorous crowd. The guest list was superior and familiar faces from TV, sport and the fashion world rubbed shoulders with me and my sister-in-law Louise. The sexiest car took centre stage in the marquee, almost stealing the show from the race track and I, of corse got an instagram shot in front of it, perhaps I should have lied down on the bonnet? I also noticed that the fashions were impressive in the Lexus marquee. As my photo’s tell a thousand words you can see that no detail was unturned when it came to the ladies putting their outfits together and being a tad bit eccentric.

A day of ‘perfection’.

Thanks to Fresh Photography for the images

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