September 1, 2013

Cherry headband

cherry headband5

cherry headband2

What a beautiful day we had today! Sun was shining at 25deg and we celebrated Fathers Day as one big family, kids running around, too much food on our plates and delicious cakes for dessert! Tonight, I am unwinding for a huge week ahead, starting with a Target event tomorrow, Sydney on Tuesday, Western Bulldogs Best and Fairest on Wednesday, a VRC lunch on Thursday and MSFW runways Thur and Friday! Man! Thats alot of babysitters and a heck of alot of outfits!

I am really excited that spring is here, yes, I remember telling you that I was sick of the sun and that I couldn’t wait to put the layers on but now, I am craving a sun kissed glow and some cool cutoffs. I always struggle with sandals/footwear for summer, should I get some Birkenstocks? What about some really cool tshirts? I think I need to do some hunting online and see what I come up with and I will let you know how I go.

Wishing you a great week ahead!

Dress: Ae’lkemi, Cherry Headpiece: Piers Atkinson, Shoes: Tony Bianco (buy here)

Photography: Fashion Photography Melbourne

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