December 30, 2014


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As we draw near the end of 2014, I thought as my last post, I would search my archives and find some out-takes from my photoshoots. It took me hours to find these, some going back to 2012 and others a month ago. Next year will be my fifth year blogging and what a journey I have been on, from Paris Fashion Week, to TV commercials, billboards, collaborations and ambassadorships. I am very, very excited for 2015 as it will be the beginning of a new look for WWKD and my editorials will be better than ever.

I still laugh at some of these photos, how Aston would jump in a shot here and there, run around with Jayden, Karen Woo my photographers son and now little Will would sleep at the desk of anyone who would watch him in the studio. I do start to get cranky by the last outfit on a shoot, I left these photos out, no one likes a cranky face! Hope you enjoyed this light hearted way to end 2014, then back into the serious, posed stuff in 2015!

Happy New Year! xx


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