If you haven’t already made yourself familiar with Bianca Spender, than I suggest you do so quick smart. The new Bianca Spender boutique recently opened in High Street Armadale and I actually want EVERYTHING in that store! I am so excited for the season ahead as the warmer tones are upon us with burgundy being a highlight and then combine that with velvet? you got me good!

I am wearing Bianca Spender’s latest collection in this blog post and it is just a taste of the amazing fashion offering that you can see on HIGH STREET ARMADALE. I am a local and fashion ambassador of the street and I thought I would give you another update on how you can have yourself a fabulous day on High Street.

Moby cafe was a recent addition to the cafe scene on High St, start your morning with the cool kids, some eggs and coffee.
Once you had your caffeine hit, wander down the strip as the retailers start to open at around 10am. From Glenferrie road through to Kooyong road and beyond you will see galleries, homeware stores, beauty salons, bridal stores, footwear and fashion stores. Just spend your time wandering and looking and enjoying your day, there is no rush.
After you have tried on everything you possible could try on in one day, perhaps quickly get your nails done at the many nail salons on the strip, before stopping for lunch at Baca restaurant over a wine or two, or down at 8 Days cafe.
Well, it isn’t a you day without a trip to the day spa! Calma Day spa is the perfect place to unwind, focus on you and get some pampering, why not book in for a massage or body scrub?

After a great day, whip by Phillippa’s and pick up one of her famous sponge cakes or treats to share with your loved ones at home, that is, if you can carry one more bag amongst all of your shopping!

Stay tuned as next time I will be featuring all the hospitality offerings on High St, including where to get a juice, where to fine dine, get the best take-away, the best eggs or simply my favourite coffee spots.