I have a love hate relationship with the sun, I love its warmth, the light it brings to the world and the smiles it brings the people of the world when they finally see it breaking through the clouds. What I don’t like, is its UV Rays and the fact that this big burning beauty that brings joy to the world, actually causes cancer to our skin.

One time, I went on a family holiday to a beautiful island in Indonesia, I had never really sun baked before, I wasn’t really an outdoors kind of girl. I remember trying to keep up with the rest of the sun bakers, so I put oil all over my body and I lay out on the lounge. After two hours, I went inside and I felt funny, I had a shower and I started to feel sick. My body, was raw red, I couldn’t touch myself, I couldn’t wear clothing, I was shivering and my legs were swollen and blue. I don’t know what kind of degree I was burnt to, but it wasn’t good. From that moment, I vowed to never lust for a sun tan again.

Since then, every year in January, my husband and I get our moles checked. I am so afraid of sun damage and skin cancer, I make sure I stay on top of my checks and well, stay out of the sun.

Now for me to get a great glow on my skin, I use self-tanner, it is safe, easy and looks just as good as a suntan, minus the UV’s.

I teamed up with Bondi Sands to try out their latest range of products, their Ultra Dark foam, gradual everyday tanning foam and liquid gold dry oil. While I was in Noosa, I used the Liquid Gold Oil for a quick and instant colour, I can’t tell you how fast my confident levels went from, don’t really want to get in my bikinis, to – let’s go baby!

In these photos, I show you the new Ultra Dark Foam, for a pasty white girl like me, I thought that it might be too dark, but it isn’t, the beauty of self-tanning, is that you are doing t yourself and can go as dark as you desire! This product you leave on for 8 hours or so and then wash it off, kind of like a spray tan, without the hassle of leaving your home.

What is it about a tan that makes you feel on top of the world? Whatever it is, I am so hooked and absolutely swanning around in that white dress of mine!

If you take anything out of this post, it is that there is nothing safe about sun baking, skin cancer is real and you don’t need to sacrifice your skin/life to look good! Xo

I trust in Bondi Sands, I tried it and absolutely recommend you do too!