January 27, 2014

Baby Nursery ideas

Baby nursery

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I am currently planning and decorating my teeny tiny room that will be my new son’s nursery. I love all things nautical, navy, white and red but as the room is so small I need to make a space that is still clean yet something really cool that we will love. I picked up a few props such as an anchor and two oars that I will hang on the wall, I am currently researching nautical decals and some shelving. Having another boy, I thought would be boring, you know, recycling all the toys and clothes, but its actually a lot of fun creating a different theme compared to Astons bedroom which is London colours and props. I will take some progress shots as I go along, the only thing I need help on is putting words on the two oars. I want DEMPSEY and 2014 on them but how can I paint it on without it looking scruffy? I tried to find custom decal sites that will print the two for me so I can just place it on but I can’t find anywhere that will do my dimensions, perhaps stencil letters I could paint over? gah! I just can’t think! Any help would  be grateful!

Hope these Baby Nursery Ideas help you x

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