August 18, 2015

American Apparel Mama

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I can’t quite figure out if it is the 80’s or the 90’s making a come back. I keep getting mixed signals via my inbox with online retailers subject lines saying “Are you ready for the 80’s flashback” or “90’s style is here!” I mean, is it that time already? I suppose, we have been flooded with a 70’s tsunami recently  so the next in line, you would think was the 80’s, heaven help us!

With this confusion in mind, you could say my American Apparel outfit is so Brenda Walsh, circa 1991, season 1 of 90210 mixed with a crazy 80’s strip off of my jacket at the end here, almost reminiscing a scene from the 80’s film Flashdance! Haha, girl got me some attitude right there once that toddler was off my hands! Somebody call the fire brigade please, I clearly need a cool off!

Look how big my little man is getting, it has been a while since I last had him on the blog (here) and when he made his first appearance on the blog (herewarning, birth images ala Kourtney Kardashian style on this post) I really have my hands full with this one, he is rough and tumble, confident, always searching for the nearest exit sign and eats me out of the house! A far cry from Mr soft and sensitive child number one, I can tell you now! All the same, he brings me so much joy and sleepless nights and cuddles and tantrums, but I do cherish all of that as much as I can, because you know that Flashdance movie I mentioned before? Well that was filmed in 1983, my birth year, time starts to fly when you hit 30 and it is time I remember to enjoy every second of it.

Top: American Apparel // Coat: American Apparel // Jeans: American Apparel // Boots: Alias Mae // Belt: Chanel

Will wears Bonds top and jumper

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