February 8, 2017

Affordable denim dresses

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When you have a good thing going, you stick to it right? That is how I feel about denim dresses at the moment (As if you can’t tell). You see, unless it’s a wardrobe essential (like a blazer, shirt, leather or basic, in which I prefer to invest a little more on) I can’t seem to justify spending too much into seasonal pieces or items that you actually dont have to spend a lot on. This denim dress is my perfect example. I probably bought it for $30 as it was 50% at the time of purchase, and to me, it is a great throw on piece, it may or may not last years in my wardrobe, but it will sure as hell be worn many times in the next few months.

Do you think I made it look expensive styling with, well, expensive things? Yes! No one wants to be decked out in head to toe designer- no one! seriously! So save your pennies for your investment items and purchase smart on the affordable items.

Here are a few more denim dresses for you:

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Dress: Boohoo / Headband: Gucci / Bag: Valentino / Boots: Coach (old style) similar HERE from Tony Bianco

Photographer: Katie Fergus

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