I think becoming a mother immediately makes you full, your day is full, your nights are full, your brain is full, heart is full and your… ok well- maybe I won’t say your tummy is full, because my littlest one always seems to be eating from my plate which usually leaves me with an empty tummy. At least my coffee cup is always full!

My days are full and long and every minute I am doing something, even if I am in bed (like I am this minute) I am working and currently nursing a sick child. It sure is the start of winter, I have heard this season for respiratory problems in kids is already big, my son has croup plus a chest infection and when one kid is down, you need to immediately empty your day of plans, jobs etc to take on the role of nurse. Here I am saying in previous posts that I want a third child, ha! How do the mamas do it? Just one sick kid is bad, two is hard, but more? I know how it would go: husband takes the eldest child and sleeps in the single bed with him and mama takes the younger two and sleeps just on the edge of the bed with her big toe holding her on for dear life. Standard!

Meanwhile, I have mentioned the brand NUAN to you before (here) and I am actually wearing one of their pieces again in this post. This Eco Cardigan Duster is so heavenly, I could just melt into it! For winter, I am doing a three piece outfit rule to get me out of the house without thinking too much. This outfit is another example with the jean, the top and the outerwear. Like I said, having a full day means planning outfits ahead of time to ensure a smooth kinder/school drop off and good start for the rest of the day. Although this duster is thin, it kept me surprisingly warm as it is 100% cashmere, actually, I found out that it is called Eco Cashmere because it is its natural colour, no dye has been used. I love that!