August 20, 2018

9months 1 week

Do you like the new title? It makes so much sense doesn’t it, ahhh and I feel better writing it, plus I am sick of counting by fours to work out the week-month conversions.

Last week, Freddie went back to waking every couple of hours and I would be in and out of his room five times. This, accompanied with his rosy red cheeks is clear to me that he cut his tooth, which he did, but I can tell you, even though I know what the problem is, doesn’t mean it makes it easier. I started to get used to the bigger sleep blocks at night and then, with the waking on and off all night? I feel more tired than I was when he was only a tiny baby. The good new is, I haven’t given in and put him in my bed, just when I say to myself “Right! After this re-settle, he is coming in with me” and that is usually the last re-settle.

Aside from the broken night sleep, he does a great morning sleep in his cot (not so long in the pram) from about 9:30-11am and has another good afternoon sleep.

Food wise, he is pretty fussy with when he does and doesn’t want me to spoon feed him. This morning, I had to roll up chunks of soggy weet-bix and put it on his tray table so he could pick it up himself. He prefers me to break up his roast into tiny pieces for him rather than him hold a triangle piece and he actually does let me spoon feed him some of my morning smoothie.

I’d love him to babble or make more sounds that sound like, ohhh I dunno, ‘mama!’

Now, can we just also take a moment to talk about separation anxiety? This is it, I am in it, if Freddie cant see me, it is immediate tears. In the day time, if I put him down for a crawl and he cant see me, he will cry, if someone visits and they hold him, he will cry. There has been an instance where I have had to come home from a hens party in the last two weeks because Josh couldn’t stop him crying.

We did a photoshoot last week, just the two of us (me and baby) and the hair stylist was a male. As soon as he said hello to Freddie, he cried and every time he saw him doing my hair or touching me, he cried! There was a point where we were on set and the stylist popped into the shot to fix my hair and I had Freddie on my hip, I actually had to shield Freddies eyes so he didn’t see him touching me, incase he cried and ruined the shot! crazy times!

Apart from the above, thats really about it for littler Frederico for the week.

Me, 9 months PP? Well, I swear I have a hernia that decides to pop through my belly button after a day I have lifted Freddie too much. My stomach and pelvic floor is shockingly week (still from Aston’s natural birth I wrote about it HERE) and my tummy is super squish. I can feel when I ovulate and my period pain is heavier (sorry if too graphic). Otherwise all pretty much back to normal.

Freddies routine, same as last week.




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