November 26, 2013

Split Personality

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Please excuse my grazed knees, my Spring Racing Carnival injury from Stake Day. Yikes! Did I take a fall or what! I am sure you had a chuckle when I posted my bandaged up knees on instagram after the incident. I could have photoshopped them out but, you know, its all part of my fashion journey and if it means rocking the bloody knees trend, then so be it.

I mentioned I am trying very hard to stay fashionable during this pregnancy and as much as possible will continue to wear ‘normal human’ clothing so I can cater for those not pregnant but also for the pregnoids who wish to stay on trend and need my advice to do so.

I did find out the sex of my baby yesterday and I was going to announce it but I think it might be some fun to keep it to myself for a while, I never knew why others found and then kept it to themselves but now I kind of see why, a surprise is always fun!

Dress: Mossman (its $99.99 and I wear a size 8 and has lots of room still), Shoes: RMK, Clutch: The Mode Collective lunch

Photography: Fashion Photography Melbourne

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