November 4, 2016

Sensis Marquee Oaks Day 2016

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Sensis Marquee Oaks Day 2016

I heard a lot about this marquee during the first couple of days of the Cup Carnival. I heard it was an awesome party, packed with celebs and ‘it’ girls and just an all round good place to be- and it was no word of a lie. The impressive line up of DJ’s, tunes and artists kept the party a-buzz all day long, everyone was smiling, everyone was happy and pretty much didn’t want to leave. Some familiar faces from The Block, the fashion industry and sporting world all mingled and celebrated a stellar Oaks Day. I had a wonderful time, dancing and devouring the delicious chocolate mousse dessert, yum! and just when you needed it, some chips and burgers came out to soak up the flowing alcohol. So. Much. Fun!

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