March 11, 2015

luxe mum

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Snap! Here is an outfit I will be wearing again, most likely to one of the fashion weeks I have coming up. So let me give you a little fashion hint, (as though you haven’t figured it out for yourself already) military is making it’s way back into the fashion scene and as you know, so is the 70’s. The key to fashion and styling a trend is all about making it your own, making it work for you and adding a hint of that trend to your look. For me, wide leg pants are my BFF’s right now and that is how I am intergrading the 70’s into my looks, I can’t get enough of them! This pair I found on the Universal Store website for just under $60! I know! Seriously! What? And, because they a high waisted, a little crop keeps me looking in proportion compared to a loose fit top which would not work with my wide leg pants, I would look like one big wide, something or other.

As for Military? Think grey, khaki, camel and black tones. Military was actually around back when I started my blog in 2010, I was obsessed with it and it actually drove me to push my fashion boundaries. These days as a mama of these two handsome little bambinos, my styling has changed and is more ‘adult’ can you imagine me pushing my pram down the street with my boys whist wearing top to toe military inspired outfits? I would get more weird looks than I do now, looking like the nanny!

PS- I am all about online shopping, I always have been, it is just way to convenient for me and if you are like me and like to stick to spending a reasonable about of money on your clothing and investing in, Oh, I dunno, maybe a Chanel bag? Well, I only just discovered that Universal Store is online too and I can’t be happier that these pants are in my life! You will be seeing a lot more of them on me, I am sure! It’s all about sharing the love and if I come across any more must-have shopping destination, I will let you know!



Trousers: Universal Store
Top: Universal Store
Blazer: Zara (very old season no longer available)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Bag: Chanel
Brooch: Chanel via Hawkeye Vintage
Ring: YSL
Sunglasses: Celine Shadow
Watch: Thomas Sabo

Aston wears:
Jacadi, Seed and Nike

Will wears:
Bonds & Mama Co



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