September 26, 2013

chanel jacket

chanel jacket chanel jacket chanel jacket

A jacket inspired by menswear came at a time when women were restricted in their clothing, Gabrielle Chanel wanted to free these women and let them move freely taking reference from menswear in her designs.

The classic little black jacket features four real pockets, braids on top at the opening, buttons stamped with the CC logo, on the inside a delicate chain to ensure the jacket falls perfectly. A revolution that took over the fashion scene world wide. Worn proudly by famous ladies of the era, Bridget Bardot and Grace Kelly and later, top supermodels, it girls and CHANEL lovers around the world.

When Karl took over in 1983 (my birth year!) he evolved the jacket to the current times introducing bold colours, embroidered details and styled back no longer with the traditional matching wrap skirt but with jeans, over a dress, a mini skirt or matching shorts.

Today, 60 years after Gabrielle Chanel created the first jacket, Karl says there are three things that don’t go out of style: jeans, a white shirt and a CHANEL jacket.

Seeing the ateliers at 31 Rue Cambon (see video here) creating these pieces by hand, the detail, the design and craftsmanship in just one piece, makes the experience of owning my very own just so special, something I will pass down to my (hopefully) daughter one day.

Finally! Two months after my 30th bday surprise, my CHANEL jacket makes its debut on the blog. So what do you think? It’s a beautiful purple, magenta, blue colour which you can see a little cleared close up and from afar, it’s a great purple. The inside is cobalt blue and has the delicate chain on the inside at the bottom of the jacket for perfect weight and CC labelled pearl buttons are perfectly placed on the front and lower sleeve. Yes, I could have chosen a more classic jacket in black, however they are rare to come by especially here in Australia and I thought this bold beauty was perfect for my age and style.

Jacket: CHANEL, Pants: Zara, Sneakers: CHANEL, Bag: CHANEL (OK, you get it, I like the stuff)

Photography: Fashion Photography Melbourne

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