July 9, 2013

Celine Tote

celine bagceline bagceline bagceline bagceline bagceline bag

Now, I am 30.

Yesterday was my 30th birthday, I must confess to you that I have been having anxiety coming to terms with the number three leading my age digits from now on. I kept thinking I am so old, is that a grey hair? is that a new wrinkle? Should I consider botox? Oh, I need to start moisturising my neck before gravity takes hold.

So, it seems yesterday morning I didn’t wake up looking like a haggard old witch, it was just another day, but a day where the attention was all on me and I could eat as much chocolate as I liked and would get spoilt with gifts! hehe!

I had a wonderful day (I am sure you saw on my instagram) with my family and a great afternoon out with my husband (who you got to see a photo of on my instagram!) In the city we had lunch at a tea house and headed over to the reason for my blog’s existence, Chanel. As you might have gathered from my insta feed, I really wanted a Chanel jacket for my 30th, since I started this blog, I joked, “With any money I get from my blog, I want to buy a Chanel jacket” so for fun, we went into the house of royalty and I tried on a few. I was in my element, prancing around the salon slipping on a tweed or two whilst hubby sat on a tweed fabric couch and rolled his eyes at me. I fell in love with two and as we so happened to be on a mission to find me a gift, my husband told me to go for a walk down the street and he would buy me one (aaaaagghhhhh!!!) but he would choose it so it was a surprise! (whaaaat??) I was in shock, as this man, my husband the one who refuses to spoil me, ignores every Valentines day, anniversary and sometimes Christmas was going to buy me the ultimate of ultimate presents? Turning 30 just got better! If this is just the first day in my 30’s well, heck! Bring it on!

Although the above photos are not of me in my jacket, it is an easy look to pull off with some statement pants, basic top and some great accessories including my Celine tote I snapped up Paris. Yes, sorry, I am running off track, but I will promise to show you the jacket, perhaps on instagram this week!

Top: Mossman Pants: Zara (similar here) Bag: Celine Tote (similar here) Necklace: 8 Other Reasons (similar here) Sunglasses: Miu Miu, Cuff: Hermes, Shoes: Boohoo

Photographer: Lisa Frieling

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