October 2, 2013

Baby number 2

Well, its official, I can finally tell you that I am pregnant again! Incase you didn’t know, I already have a two year old son, Aston, the light of my life and now I am baking another little addition in my tummy.

This decision to try for another child didn’t come easy, in fact, my husband has been nagging me for almost a year but I was so not ready. I just got my body to where I was happy, I could wear anything in my wardrobe, Aston had just started sleeping through (took him a while!!!) and my career was going from strenght to strenght. This year alone, I have accomplished more in my career than ever before, I went to Paris Fashion Week, was involved in two Westfield Campaigns, did two Boohoo ads, went to three Aussie fashion weeks, was featured in several local and international magazines and attended some pretty awesome events! Getting my head around the idea of potentially reducing my opportunities due to being pregnant, putting on my baby weight (just not the 20 something kgs I stacked on last time, eeep!) And juggling two kids was a hard concept for me to grasp, despite knowing that I wanted a big family one day.

So, one day, OK, it wasn’t just one day, it was soon after my turning-30- crisis that I realised, you know what? life is a bigger picture, yes the fashion world is awesome but my family is more important (not that I am giving it up) and I aint getting any younger, in fact if I get it all done now, I will have the rest of my 30’s to focus on all that stuff. Listen to me, thinking my life is going to end if I get preggo! ¬†After this happened, I said to my husband one night in bed, OK, lets do this, its the right time.

The next thing I knew, I was pregnant! No, seriously, he could have just looked at me and I would have got pregnant, it was that easy!(unlike with our first child we tried for a year) So, here I am three months pregnoid and feeling fine! When I mean fine, I mean fine about it, not fine as in feeling fine cos as soon as the clock strikes 4pm, I am gone! This time around, I changed my obstetrician and hospital and am going for a completely different experience and I am even open to an epidural this time. Thats, right, last time I went drug free and felt everything for the whole 18hours of labour. Mind you, the pain wasn’t too bad but this time Ima gonna take it easy.

It is going to be hard, two bubbas and juggling the blog but I am very blessed with family support and I suppose I could hire a nanny? I am not looking forward to the first three months of hell, the sleepless nights, the breastfeeding and not fitting into my clothes but I am looking forward to bringing joy into the lives of this babies grandparents and great-grandparents and holding this precious little human that I created in my arms and introducing it to its daddy and big brother.

I hope this journey is a fun one to come on with me, I will do my best to stay true to myself, my style and keep you inspired. I know you, my reader are growing with me and if you are not at this point in life yet, well one day you will be and I hope I can inspire you to be a fashionable mumma and I will do my best to deliver you a great and exciting journey.



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